Reliance Solar-Spray Portable Shower 5 Gallon


The Reliance Solar Spray boasts the largest shower head of any solar shower unit, which provides maximum water flow when you need it most. The unit can heat water to nearly 100°F(37°C) in approximately 2.5 hours. The long kink resistant hose has been lengthened so it can easily be used in a shower shelter. Shower nozzle has been modified to allow for better water flow. An ergonomic handle has been introduced to the unit making it more comfortable to carry. S-hook and cord supplied for easy hanging.Silver color provides a more modern lookShower nozzle modified to allow for better flowKink resistant hose lengthened so it can be used in a shower shelterErgonomic handle to make it more comfortable to carryS-hook and cord supplies for easy hanging123N/A

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