Lansky Diamond-Ceramic Rod Turn Box Knife Sharpener


The Turn Box family is a very stable and compact knife sharpening system.  It works well in the kitchen and it quickly breaks down for storage in a drawer.  The turn box family of knife sharpeners is also great for outdoorsmen on the go because it is lightweight and stores easily into a backpack.  It only takes a few swipes to maintain an edge (a bit more if you have a really dull knife). There are two pre-set knife sharpening angles in the wood block 20 degree & 25 degree25 Degrees – This is used for most kitchen knives and provides a sharp, durable edge20 Degrees – This is used for those desiring a very sharp edge.  Some examples would be for filet knives or cutting tomatoes.  Lower degrees result in sharper knives, but require more regular maintenanceThis 2-Stage Knife Sharpening System features a hardwood turnbox with internal rod storage in the base, two 5″ long medium diamond rods (600 grit), and two 5″ long fine ceramic rods (1000 grit). 25 Degrees-This Is Used For Most Kitchen Knives And Provides A Sharp, Durable EdgeTwo 5-Inch Long Medium Diamond Rods, And Two 5-Inch Long Fine Ceramic RodsN/A

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