King Kooker TI12S-2 oz. Stainless St. Marinade And Injector


King Kooker Stainless Steel Large 2 oz. Deluxe Marinade and Seasoning Injector contains: 1-6 in. Stainless steel needle for liquid marinade, 1-6 in. Stainless steel needle for minced seasonings. Two needles to handle both seasoning and marinade. Great for use with poultry, beef and pork.King Kooker Stainless steel large 2 Oz. deluxe marinade and seasoning injector1-6″ Stainless Steel needle for liquid marinade1-6″ Stainless Steel needle for minced seasoningsEasy to fill and injectCreates great flavor for frying, roasting, or grillingN/A

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