Echo-Sigma Emergency Bug Out Bag Red


The Echo-Sigma Emergency Bug-Out-Bag (BOB) is a full size emergency preparedness kit that is designed to be kept in the home or office. The unique vertical storage configuration with custom draw string dust cover enables you to easily store your BOB in any unobtrusive location you wish while maintaining access to 95% of the kit’s contents at a momentÂ’s notice. Bag includes: 
7 Days Food & Water (3 MREs)
SOG S62 Multi Tool
Fenix LD22 Lumen Tactical
Echo-Sigma Compact
First Aid Kit
Emergency Tube Tent
Suisse Sport Full Sleeping Bag
Midland ER200 Multi-Power Radio
Survival guide 
Hand warmers
Trash bags
Zip tiesSOG B63 Power Lock EOD 2.0 Multi Tool with compound leverageSOGSeal Pup Fixed Blade KnifeSOG Escape Folding Knife with glass breaker and belt cutterSOG Survival Hawk with integral fire starterSOG DE-04 “Dark Energy” 231 Lumen Tactical FlashlightN/A

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