CanCooker GameMaker Gravity Grill Only


The Gravity Grill can be used with any type of fire; from wood, charcoal, propane units or even high-temperature turkey burners, this heavy-duty grill can handle it all & can easily be adjusted. Each grill & skillet can independently rotate 360 degrees, moving it off fire to serve or one direction or another away from hot spots. They can also adjust up or down for the perfect cooking temperature. The GameMaker, Gravity Grill is over 3 feet tall and can be placed in ground using hammer if needed and comes apart in seconds for easy storage and portability. Making it ideal for all your cooking needs: camping, boating, RV’s, parks, beaches or even your backyard. Where ever you can pound it in!Easy set-up for use in the backyard or at your next campsite!Heavy-duty materials for durability and stability!Turns any fire into an adjustable grilling station!Grill dimensions: 18.5” x 16.375”Over 300 sq. inches of cooking spaceN/A

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