Camillus RIG 11 inch Hatchet


Camillus Rig Titanium Bonded Hatchet features a 4 inch blade with 420 stainless steel. Handle features a Prym1 design. Blade has a Titanium Bonded Proprietary Surface Treatment that offers enhanced edge retention, corrosion, and adhesive resistant plus is 3x stronger than untreated steel. The 7 inch glass-filled handle is very strong and rigid. Rig offers a full tang for strength and balance in chopping. Comes with a hex wrench and rope cutter.420 Stainless steel titanium bonded bladesHatchet blade with hex wrench and rope cutter all in oneFull tang for strength and balanceOverall length 11 inch with 4 inch blade for efficient choppingPrym1 Camo handle with a comfort gripN/A

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