Camillus 18in Titanium Bonded Carnivore X Machete


Camillus Carnivore X 18″ Machete has a 12″ titanium bonded stainless steel blade and can handle almost any job. With a full length saw as well as a full length blade, it is all you need! It comes with a removable trimming knife and sheath as well. Included is a Ballistic nylon sheath and a lifetime warranty. The Carnivore X 18″ Machete is up to 3 times harder than steel and allows the blades to stay sharper longer. Camillus knives will withstand the impossible task and continue delivering over extended use. Since 1876, Camillus Cutlery has been supplying the world with reliable, innovative, and quality-made knives that have survived the true test of time.Titanium bonded stainless steelBlade measures 12″Removable trimming knife and sheath includedBallistic nylon sheathStainless steel blunt tip pointTwo blades: Sawing and a full length bladeFull extended tang with enlarged lanyard holeN/A

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